Are you interested in a free trip to New Zealand? Oh, let me increase the stake. Do you want to give an interview for the job in that free trip of yours? Then go and fill out job application of LookSee Wellington. New Zealand’s tech community is trying to hire talent from all around the world through what they call “global talent attraction program”.

100 potential candidates from all around the world will be selected for the week-long free trip (Amazing!) if they prove why they deserve for the particular job role? There are numerous positions open for the job. Few openings among them are software developer, creative director, product manager, analyst or digital strategist. Once you are selected, your interviews and meetings will be scheduled with companies in tech communities in Wellington as well as nearby excursions.

For this, you have to register your profile online with LookSee Wellington. Tech communities will nominate their most favorite candidates they have selected and LookSee will invite 100 highest nominated applicants to the city for this amazing program. Top of it is they will bear the accommodations and traveling cost.

At the end of this trip, companies will give job offers to those candidates whom they think are suitable to their respective job profiles. If you don’t wish to accept the offer, free trip in New Zealand is a plus.

Note: Applicants have to submit their resume by March 20 for the May 8 to May 11 trip.

Few important things to consider before applying

  1. Candidate will have to arrange for Travel Insurance himself or herself.
  2. Apply for VISA first if your country does not have VISA waiver agreement. Find out more about it on New Zealand Immigration website.
  3. If you plan to stay for more period apply for visitor’s VISA.

Read more of the FAQs on LookSee Wellington Website.

Not a bad deal right? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and show your talent and get the free trip to New Zealand!

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