how to get 10000 views in YouTube

YouTube is flooding with millions of channel every day. To control the AdSense misuse ,Google has come up with idea of reviewing YouTube channel for AdSense only after it reaches 10000 views. So unless you prove your worthiness Google is not showing you any penny. The only option that remains now for fellow YouTubers is either to pay for views or generate high quality videos.

And like all Tom, Dick and Harry, many YouTubers are showing different innovative methods to get 10000 views on YouTube very fast. Ironically, the videos that are depicting these shortcuts had not crossed even 1000 views.

These pictures are not to denigrate my fellow YouTubers but it is just a message to tell them to at least apply the strategy on themselves rather than selling it to other people.

I have blurred their channel with yellow smudge so as not to defame or falsely publicise them.

1) He claims to give you 10000 views but he is satisfied with just 55!

get 10000 vies in youtube

2) This guy gives you 100% working method to get 10000 views. Oh that views is 1335, right?

get 10000 vies in youtube

3) I wonder if he considers you as new YouTuber, has he became Pew-Di-Pie with 475 views?

get 10000 vies in youtube 4) And our professor here is showing us the way to get 10000 YouTube video views.  Is 2590 equals to 10000 in new maths?get 10000 vies in youtube

5) He claims to give you 10000 views in 3 days. But he is struggling to get 10000 YouTube views since last 6 months.

get 10000 vies in youtube

6) This 100% working trick to get 10000 views in YouTube is perfect. Maybe he kept time frame of next millennium.

get 10000 vies in youtube

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